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Today July 15,2014

Our bus arrived at 4:45 am in the Dallas bus terminal. The bus driver stated that there was a 2 hour layover, for us to get our own bags and have them with us. (I had never done that before. The baggage handlers probably were on break.) And that there was a McDonalds on the next block to eat and wait if we wanted. Myself and a Military customer named Wilson. That is all I got from him because of his name on his backpack. Me and Wilson ate, talked about military life and stations we had been and then came back to terminal. Mind you, bus driver stated that, and did not state that if we leave the building that our luggage will be searched, and no signs posted to that fact. We enter and someone only wearing a reflective vest demands that our carry on/luggage need to be searched. I said, and who are you? He did not look like a Greyhound employee, he barks that he is security. Now I did see 2 guys in black uniforms that say security. I asked where does that state that and why wasn't that told to us when we are on the bus or on the windows, etc. He was short, and also his temper. He states that everyone that leaves or enters has to have this done. But while he is saying all this, people are coming in and going around. I told him to have at it and he expected me to pick it up and hand it to him. I told him have at it again. He looked thru it and wanded me. I move to the side with disgust, because me and Wilson are traveling on the same bus. Then this little man yells at me that if I had a problem or an attitude. More than once. I just ignored him and did not even acknowledge him and he went back to his little round table. Now my friend Wilson, which is in the military but not in uniform asks the same question because he asked politely, that he did not look like a security person, like the others, so he requested a supervisor. This little man that comes in and yells so everyone could hear him that he is the SUPERVISOR. This person started reading the riot act, Wilson asked several times to lower his voice and stated that he wanted to talk to supervisor, this kid no more than 21 years of age, starts yelling and of course security is standing behind him now and listening. He asks for his name because all he has is a reflective vest, no name tags. This so called supervisor refuses and does not give him a name and if he wanted it to get it from the head of security supervisor that comes in at 8 am. He starts yelling at Wilson and states that they have to check for guns and weapons because people are being killed right outside the door.


1. that is unprofessional and idiotic

2. to scare the customers that it is unsafe outside.

3. He states that if Wilson wanted to launch a complaint that the security supervisor comes in at 8. Wasn't he supposed to be the supervisor? And Wilson asks again for his name.

4. The poor of an excuse to me starts to yell at Wilson that if he does not let them search that he was to be escorted outside, then he snaps his fingers and tells the security guy to throw him out. More than once.

Security guy does not move and all this drama in the bus station.

THEN to top it off, he said that he served in the military and that Wilson should be ashamed of himself for acting that way. That he should know better. Since he was in the military, I almost blew it. NO one in the military or ex-military person would cuss out a fellow military or demean him like this guy did. Clearly he did not serve because he did not have respect.

The security persons that was wearing the uniform, heard that and he just turned around and left. And this supervisor boy just laughs it off and walks off.

To top it off, the little wanna be security wander and luggage checker checks his bag and knocks over his drink and drops his military back pack on the ground after he searches it. To me on purpose. I just grabbed Wilson's arm and said let's go over here.

This was a disgraceful attitude and demeaning to a person that served in the military. And to say that he was in the military? I saw people shaking their heads in disbelief and Greyhound allows this?

So I tried calling in to launch a complaint. I get a girl named Billy, she asks what do I want? I state I want to launch a complaint, I started to ask a question and I know she was there then she just transfers me to la la land then after several rings, the recording of the business hours from 8a to 5p and it is 3:23 pm? WTF?

I called 4 more times and get the same recording, I called the other bus station to see if I had the right number and he gives me a different one and that phone number states after so many rings that the wireless customer is not working. WTF? No one answers the phone. I am at a loss of what to do, this is happening everyday? I nor the military should be mistreated like, or how Wilson was humiliated in front of everyone so this wanna be supervisor could feel his little head swell. I will write to the corporate office again and will write letters to the parent company.

Now I know they have security cameras not sure on voice, and no names. I cannot get ahold of anyone so most likely the security tapes will just become missing or no one will read this and it will continue.

This is the US not some backwoods country that this stuff happens. I want names and I am so disgusted with those so called security people there and to let it continue. We are the Paying customers, they are not there to demean people and yell at them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

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