My 19 year old son, whom is a freshmen in college with no vehicle on campus, found it necessary to travel out of town for the weekend for a tournament he had been practicing to play in for months! He pre-purchased a Greyhound ticket online, followed all instructions on ticket, arrived EARLY, bus didn't arrive on time, come to find out it was running late.

Fourty minutes after original departure time he and another college student stood at the stop as the bus passed them, never stopping. He was literally left with no choice but to miss his tournament. When he contacted them they gave him the run around, on hold for over an hour, transferred from one person to the next. We tried contacting them, same thing.

When we did speak to someone they treated us very poorly. Never even an apology. Absolutely unbelievable! At this point not worth the lost amount of money to try to deal with them anymore.

As a mother I would caution ANY PARENT with trusting this company with their child's safety and welfare.

I would caution any traveler in trusting this company to get them to their intended destination. HORRIBLY business.

User's recommendation: DO NOT USE GREYHOUND!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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"they treated us" Helicopter mom, your table for two is ready. Helicopter mom table for two.

Let the boy's sack drop and handle this own business. He's 19 and a man. No, I take it back, he's a boy. He should feel some kind of shame that mommy had to get on the phone and talk to someone with him.

Bring him home immediately.. He's clueless.

Love how you try to pad out the complaint by dropping the "college student" card a couple of times. "You must work for them."


Maybe her son was "special needs" and needed help talking over the phone because he was very difficult to understand.

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