I was only allowed to print my ticket at the greyhound terminal - I couldn't purchase by my credit card or over the phone. Even their hotline said I had to purchase the ticket at the location.

Once I did, I couldn't get a reprinted ticket - they claimed you can only reprint your ticket if you purchase online or over the phone. I've been calling and trying to figure this all out for days and their customer service is terrible. I'm disappointed that you can't just prove you purchased the ticket and get a reprint.

I now have to buy a new ticket. I'm super pissed.

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I agree.

Thier computer system uses your reference number for everything else, except it does not worh to reprint the ticket.

It's a scam Greyhound obviously hides behine in order to generate more income.

It doesnt matter how the ticket was lost or damaged, you need ID to get a ticket.

That same info should be used if its lost. Same as the airline and hotels.

its a shameful scam.

Moline, Illinois, United States #1281413

It's a bunch of crock. What about people with a disboltys


So if someone steals my ticket I can reprint it if I bought it online


Perhaps you should have given your ticket to mommy or daddy for safe keeping since you are obviously four years old and cannot take responsibility for being careless. I mean adults do tend to lose things from time to time but they can accept responsibility for their carelessness, a four year old like yourself cannot.

You should be pissed at yourself for being careless.

Hans you have a legit complaint though you can get a refund so why complain. This four year old lost her ticket and is upset because they won't take her word for it and give her a free ticket.

to Anonymous #1113489

you must work for greyhound....lol


Ihad the same problem. I purchased the ticket then i could not print from ipad from laptop then from phone.

They told me i have to reprint from mobile decice then it doesn't print again then i ask for anrefund then they said they cannot t refund my ticket. the person told me that i have to repuchase a ticket again before i might be ble to get a refund.

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